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Sleepiness usually experienced during the afternoon on holidays like Christmas or thanksgiving. Will result with hard naps and waking up confused at 8 pm.
Gerard headed off to his parents’ bed after telling the family he felt gleepy.
by WeezyEd December 25, 2020
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When you put your hands in your mouth and rub 'em all over someone's face.
Girl1: John is such a good kisser!
Girl2: Yeah, if you like soggy sammys
by WeezyEd March 02, 2017
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A guy whose music is like jumping in the deep end on a hot summer's day. It looks weird from the outside, you've thought about it but can't bring yourself to do it, but you try. It's cold as fuck at first and you have to tread water, but then, hey, you get used to it. Then it gets comfortable, and you don't want to get out. And look all around! The beauty surrounding you, palm trees and little things you wouldn't have really sat down and observed without the cold shock of the water, and each time you go back in the pool you find something brand new. Go, listen.
Joe: Hey, how long have you listened to Frank Zappa?
Greggery: Maybe a year or two. I've listened to all his stuff.
Joe: Yeah? What about Waka Jawaka?
Greggery: Huh?
by WeezyEd February 22, 2021
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