A tran *fran is a tranny that thinks they are prestige and has half a dick and half a vagina
That person is such a fran(bitch that thinks they are prestige)
by Ching Chong 17 February 23, 2019
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a fran is the best person in the world.He is also an amazing dad always there to lend a hand never to busy to listen to advice and understand he makes you feel so very loved he is the best dad by a mile...
peson 1: whos that amazing person over there?
person2: oh him thats fran and hes my DAD
by scoil aireagail oof October 22, 2019
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When you eat jizz for survival. It's not gay.
Hey guys, I just fransed last week.
I live because I frans.
by Fransunanides May 08, 2018
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A fran is a female human look a-like real gremlin-bird person. It can be very attached or obsessesive when spoke to in any tone. Wether nice, polite, rude or very harsh a Fran will be seen doing chores or errands for the person it has attached to. A Fran will also emenate a very bad odour which can leave a host suspectible to temporary confusion or cognitive disorder. Participants who spend long hours around a Fran have complained of headaches, confusion, blurred visions and are unable to eat.
Me: "Look at this guy he is being driven around by a Fran"

Friend: "He must be on drugs and alcohol to be around a Fran."
by BaloBāshā November 22, 2020
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Frans is a super strong man that many women will like. He is a good leader that role far and square. If you have a friend called Frans stay with him and follow him as a leader. If you are a woman in near contact with a Frans love him dearly.
Frans I will do as you say
by MrMiniman January 20, 2021
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