a friend of yours that isn't really your friend
In Rebecca Black's video, "Friday", when she's waiting for her bus, she says- "Gotta catch my bus, I see my frans", she means she see's her friends, but her "friends" seem like they dont really wanna be there or hang out with her
by Naraka March 25, 2011
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The ship name of Sans and Frisk, characters from Undertale. Its criticism lies in the fact that Frisk is often depicted as a child in much of this ship's fanart (though their true age isn't given), while Sans is considered an adult.
"I ship Frans."
"But Frisk is a child!"
"Well in some of the fanart they're an adult!"
by PineapplePomegrante June 17, 2018
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Thinks she’s tough as shit. Smokes while listening to classic rock and drinks wine in a paper cup. Secretly wants to be a popstar but would never make it cus she can’t hold her drink.
Me: have you seen Fran anywhere??
Then: yeah she’s throwing up outside. Some girl called grace is holding her hair tho so don’t worry
by Wilsonknight May 28, 2019
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Used to define friends/fans supporting independant artists in music, or otherwise entertainment related projects.
Credits in a release would say "I would like to thank my Frans for all their support".
by Daphne Darling March 04, 2008
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The carroty, greasy, moldy residue that you find in a seat recently vacated by a grosely obese woman
When she stood up I almost puked when I noticed the f r a n in the seat
by Albert11 February 21, 2008
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Short form for Francisco or Francesco. Before even being a female name, it is male by default.It comes from the popular devotion to Saint Francis, who is a italian and male Saint.
large diffusion in Spain and hispanic countries as Francisco's short form, most likely due to the popularity of the singer from the band Travis, Fran, Healy.Due the popularity of the actress Fran Drescher, who uses this name as it was female, USA citizen perceive Fran as a name for girls.
Fran Healy is Travis lead singer
by Frantiki December 04, 2007
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