(Adjective): Giving emphasis or importance to something without adding any context or information.
by Very smart English professor November 18, 2017
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Fucking Raining. A heavier than average rainfall; when it's fraining, you will get soaked in seconds by big fat sheets of wind driven raindrops... that's fraining.
If you get drenched after walking fifteen feet from your car to your front door you might say: "Dude, it's totally fraining out!"
by Jimmy McGroinigan January 8, 2014
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To cease. What you ask someone to do before you ask them to refrain.
When the annoying fat girl says something she thinks is smart but is just stupid and fat, tell her to "Please frain!" When she continues, add "Refrain!"
by VatoFlaco May 16, 2005
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Small, albino, anorexic boys who have a fettish for Jewish chicks, usually accompanied by a small penis. Often resembling a walking pussy in size and stature.
Mike Tyson penetrated the frains ass, because he mistaked it for a nice pussy.
by Patrick Carver February 27, 2006
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Tristyn spelled with a y is a solid guy. We all love him even though he can be pretty dumb a lot it’s whatever. He loves cars sometimes a little too much and makes it sus but it’s fine if he likes to fuck cars it’s okay. Tristyn loves to surf and he can some how pull bitches when he wants. He has a solid father and tristyn wants to be a fucking pipe layer or something idk. Tristyn is a solid guy so if you’re a girl reading this suck his dick unless your friends ig not whatever you do you.
Damn tristyn frain coming?

The kid who fucks vacuums?
by Notchrisvon January 16, 2022
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The gayest thing since men in bikinis and soggy biscuit.
"What is that gay over there "
"Oh it's just a Fraine"
"Quick, Clench your butthole!"
by Wait what?? November 7, 2018
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