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A software project which has been forced to cease operations due to legal action.

The very first Foxed project was "Aliens Quake". 20th Century Fox forced users to stop distributing the software on the grounds that it infringed on their IP. Since the introduction of the DMCA many other proejcts have beeen Foxed including the DeCSS DVD cracking software.

See: "A Jail of Two Cities" interview of Dave "WhiteNoise" Wallin by Fragmaster@planetquake
Open-source advocates hope that the MONO project is not Foxed by Microsoft.
by Karl the Pagan March 10, 2004
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v. FOXed, FOX'ed

1) Slang The act of canceling a show within a short time span (anything under a half season, especially if within 3 or 4 episodes). Named after the FOX television network, well known for such practices.
Damn it, they FOXed "Firefly".
by AVATAR-X March 06, 2006
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political and media term derived from the strategy of unfair and unbalanced media reporting solely for the purpose of killing any candidate that does not agree with the big business mantra. Derivation orignally from FOX network. Present tense "foxing." While it is the global big business interest pulling the strings, terms such as "gay marriage," "illegal aliens," "tax and spend liberal" and "abortion" are used as buzz words in foxing a candidate, while big business uses the buzz word "conservative" to conceal it's real identity.
Obama's been foxed all month.
by snappy2 March 30, 2008
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Verb describing when a television network buys a high-concept (science fiction, fantasy, or horror) TV series, lets it run long enough to attract fans, then cancels it, especially in such a way that the final episode of the show is a cliffhanger.
Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Lucifer were all awesome shows. Too bad they all got Foxed. Family Guy actually got Foxed *twice*, but survived.
by Edgar Allan Poo June 09, 2018
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The television equivalent of being "fucked" has happened to many shows under the fox television label, including but not limited to: Firefly, Futurama or any other show that had potential. Also a synonym for bureaucratic failure in the sphere of television.
Damn, that show was great, too bad it got foxed over.
by ThatGuy518 January 07, 2011
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To be fooled, duped, or taken in by the spin, invented facts, numerous logical fallacies, bias, and personal attacks that Fox News Channel engages in.

To be deliberately deceived by the propaganda tactics that Fox uses:

Similar to being Rushed by similar tactics by Rush Limbaugh or being Drudged by believing a Drudge Report link from a dubious source.
I wonder how many viewers got Foxed when Bill O'Reilly claimed that Nixon never shook hands with Chairman Mao.

A lot of teabaggers sure got Foxed in that phoney grassroots campaign.
by wordguy62 April 24, 2009
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Alternative for the word fucked, used amongst those who's parents dislike foul language. Orginates from a mispronunciation of fucked, when fucksed accidentally slipped out.
Oh dude, too many wolfbanes, I'm Foxed.
by invAsianOfPrivacy December 03, 2010
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