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A foup is just what it sounds like. It is not a substitution for the so called great "F" word. It is a homage to the everlasting awesomeness of everything. Foup may be used in context and out of context. It is also a word that becomes one with the OM.
"You foup."

"I will be foup"
"What the foup is that stuff?" -Ben
"Oh, you know just some foup." -Stiller
by huguenot July 15, 2012
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FOUP stands for "Front Opening Unified Pod" and is used to carry wafers around in a semiconductor factor, which is called a fab.

From Intel, "Front Opening Unified Pod is the specialized plastic container that carries the wafers from one process step to another in a controlled environment."
Has the FOUP of wafers been delivered to the tool yet? It is holding up the assembly line if it doesn't get here soon.
by PlugItIn July 10, 2015
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