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Usually refers to the surname of someone who is incredibly fit, attractive and intelligent - although their only noticeable flaw is that they seem to think they are better than everyone else and God's gift. Mostly blondes, good at water sports.
Jane: Did you say Josh's last name is Goodacre?
Alaia: Yeah...
Jane: No wonder he's so damn hot.
by Plugitin March 04, 2013

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FOUP stands for "Front Opening Unified Pod" and is used to carry wafers around in a semiconductor factor, which is called a fab.

From Intel, "Front Opening Unified Pod is the specialized plastic container that carries the wafers from one process step to another in a controlled environment."
Has the FOUP of wafers been delivered to the tool yet? It is holding up the assembly line if it doesn't get here soon.
by PlugItIn July 10, 2015

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Drunk-ass-Scottsdale-bar-hopping. It is when you go out to snobby Old-Town Scottsdale, Arizona, dressed up all nice and getting fucked up by doing multiple shots at each location.

You usually do stupid shit like fighting with a Scottsdale douchebag, puking in an expensive bar's bathroom, or getting thrown out by a 6'4" 270lb bouncer after fondling silicone tits of some ditzy Scottsdale bimbo.
Man I can't believe we got kicked out of three Snobsdalebars last night.
That is what happens when you go DASBH!
by PlugItIn May 20, 2012

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To lick the kitty is to perform cunnilingus. The kitty is specifically the vagina.

It is usually used by girls who are afraid to say pussy or are trying to beat around the bush.
She said she wouldn't give me a BJ unless I lick the kitty first.
by PlugItIn June 24, 2015

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