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Breaking into Fort Knox and making away with the gold. This is a euphemism describing a Man marrying a Rich Woman for her money. Similar to Golddigger by with the gender roles reversed.
Rich woman: I hope he's not Fort Knoxing me.
by thecheesecakeman September 15, 2010
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1. Fort-Knoxing Verb. To overbearingly lock locks in the house when only one/none is needed.

2. Fort-Knoxed Adjective. To explain that a house has been Fort-Knoxed
1. Somebody left to get a pack of cigarettes at the close by convenience store and will be back in less than five minutes
there are five locks on the door you lock all five of them.
This is an act of fort-knoxing.

Use in a sentence: She keeps Fort-Knoxing the house every time I step outside.

2. When you knowingly lock all the locks on a door even though someone is out and will be back shortly. The house would be described as fort-Knoxed

Use in a sentence: I have just Fort-Knoxed the house
by antigataprieta December 14, 2010
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When the anus clamps shut during anal sex, prohibiting the penis from insertion.
"He's Fort Knoxing again recently... I think it's stress from his job as a go-go dancer."
by Puffin415 July 01, 2013
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