Foros is a group of people who love their city and will fight for it. they represent their area code as 817. Fort Worth. Funkytown. Murdaworth, etc. We keep Pitbulls and know how to mix that lean.
"I'm from that Foros Tx, like i'm twisted black. Yo we blowin' swisha sweets we ain't twistin' blacks. If it ain Immortal Soldiers than them bulls aint fed. We sum hustlaz, Them hustlaz, ya'll best break bread!" -We sum Hustlaz, Immortal Soldiers.
by j.m.m. 783465 February 28, 2008
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a general fear of running out of food or alcohol at a social gathering coupled with a need to visit local convenience store to top up said supplies as required
when i host a party i have FoRo that i have enough beer/food/meat
by Spoony & BBQ BOB (CK Dads) December 28, 2018
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Fear Of Running Out - Gut wrenching feeling that there’s not going to be enough of a hot commodity. Very frequently used for booze in the context of BYOB events.
Eddie once again showed up at our monthly wine lunch with 3 bottles of Cab Sav... classic FORO.
by lasuperboule January 05, 2021
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The fear of running out of mobile phone battery. Pronounced Foe-Roe
I've got FORO
by _Jessification_ December 11, 2018
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fake oro,(gold) a word in spanglish
Did you see homeboy over there wearing all that foro?
by ronnie duran September 01, 2007
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Fear Of Running Out caused by onset of Covid-19 pandemic panic buying/hoarding of toilet paper and Lysol wipes.
Dude, I know I won’t need 300 rolls of charmin but I’ve got FORO!

My friends have serious FORO and said I can only stay with them if I BYOTP!
by Sarah G March 24, 2020
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