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Using your two thumbs, either in the vagina or anus to lift the person being forklifted off the ground.
Boy 1: I was with this girl last week and I managed to lift her off the ground by putting my thumbs inside her
Boy 2: You forklifted her?
Boy 1: Forklifting is a thing?
by nathansig January 26, 2015
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Forklifting is used to describe the pursuit of a fat chick by a desperate male. If one succeeds in bagging a tundra pig, he has been successful in forklifting. Forklifting is looked down upon so most men will try to hide their forklifting efforts.
Shane forklifted his prom date after a few mike's at the bonfire.

I found out my friend Justin has been out forklifting downtown, and he said he was at home playing halo.
by Brian Riesgaf November 08, 2005
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when you fist a girl so hard you pick her up off the ground
I was forklifting last night and my fist went into her stomach.
by hormiga March 08, 2005
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