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A highly overated 44 year old WANNABE rally driver that dresses like a 14 year old punk teen that pisses green due to an overdose of Monster energy drink. Block is also the co-founder of DC Shoes which gave him the money and opportunity to have high powered cars and to produce fake Gymkhana staged viral videos on the internet. People assume he's God-like behind the wheel and that his videos are filmed in one take, which is untrue. A showman by his own admittance with admittedly some good driving talent but he's proven to be no match for the real pros in the WRC, finishing nearly dead last in the driver standings of the last 2 seasons.
Teen: Yo doode, I'm gonna steal my mom's Ford Fiesta tonight and we'll drive shit like Ken Block!!!

Friend: Hell yeah, I'm sure that 15K$ FWD 120 HP econobox will be just as fast and drifty as Block's 500K$ AWD 600+ HP racecar!!!
by rallysport December 21, 2011
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He is a rally racer who's sponsor is Monster and his car is a beast and he can jump Travis Pastrana.
Dude: Omg look, Ken Block just jumped Travis Pastrana while he was doing a back-flip!!?!
Other Dude: That crazy bitch.
by mlgRTS June 30, 2009
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The Owner of DC Shoes. Also a rally driver who is driving for ford in the WRC in 2010.
Ken Block rules! did you see him pull of those segway donuts?!
by Cypherst162 January 27, 2010
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The most kick-ass rally driver who started DC shoes and has insane rally cars. With his insane sponsor (Hoonigan) who gives him a 1400 horsepower, twin turboed, all wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang.
Friend 1 : Yo that was sick you look like Ken Block
Friend 2 : wow thanks
by Kid_Klayko June 03, 2019
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