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Someone who used to drive a Ferarri but decided it wasn't his thing and prefers the looks and drive of a Ford Fiesta. Someone who has a stunner of a bird yet cheats on her with something a hell of a lot less appealing!
Chris: You hear about Craig?
Gray: Nah, what's he gone and done now???
Chris: He's only gone and done a Palf!
Gray: Mug!
by Yiddogray November 19, 2007
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One of those incredible women that only very few people will ever actually get to play with unless you pay a lot of cash or somehow, comparable of those few who get to drive a decent Ferrari!
Gray: Pulled with Claire last night!
Chris: Mate, that's like the Ferarri of this dump!
Gray: Hell yeah!
by Yiddogray November 19, 2007
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Car that everyone has driven, just like the slag that everyone has slept with.
Gray: Make a fuck up last night man.
Chris: Why, what you done now?
Gray: Ended up driving a Ford Fiesta!
Chris: You gimp!
by Yiddogray November 19, 2007
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