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To roam around a kitchen eating either ready-to-consume food such as potato chips and crackers or unprepared culinary components such as dry tortillas/bread/cereal/pasta, condiments that would normally be on top of something else, desserts, or cold leftovers. Food thus consumed is usually washed down with beverages straight from the container. Foraged food is exemplified by a lack of preparation and by its consumer standing or pacing while eating. Many a diet focuses on preventing or limiting foraging.
Foraged food generally requires less effort than bachelor chow or ramen to prepare for eating; anything more than a wrapper or a lid between countertop and mouth may disqualify the food as foraged grub.
Mom: what happened to the bag of croƻtons I left on the counter for salad tonight?
Kid: *hides empty bag behind back*...I dunno.
Mom: Didn't I tell you not to forage between meals? You're going to make yourself sick. You're not a goat; don't eat like one. You're going to put on weight and stunt your growth. Back when I was your age...
by Alfred F. June 28, 2007
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