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the act of kicking each other playfully under something that would usually hide it. usually it is given away by facil expressions such as laughing.
I would have gotten away with playing footsies with Tina, if she hadn't laughed and made everybody look.
by andrewc1117 July 10, 2007
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A game played in Elementary School and Middle School where children try to kick one another's legs under the table. Without get into trouble.
Natalie and Jake where playing Footsy in class. Suddenly, Natalie accidentally kicked Jake in his private area. He wanted to scream because Natalie kicked super hard, but Jake had to hold it in so they wouldn't get into trouble.
by I<3Sgt.Frog July 15, 2010
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Playing with another persons' feet, with your feet, underneath a table. Other people are not meant to know you are doing it.
*Bang* "Kids! Stop playing footsies!"
by Jessmiester January 12, 2006
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A strategy used in Fighting Games like Street Fighter. It uses ground normal moves as pokes to keep an opponent at a certain distance. The goal is to move within distance to land your own moves, and also to move out of range of your opponent's moves.
Jim's footsies game is pretty bad, he whiffed most of his attacks and got punished for it.
by seefu November 17, 2016
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1. The act of tickling another persons feet under a table with your own, usually as an act of flirting. Generally it is hidden.

2. The way of claiming money found on the floor. By placing your foot over the coin before the other person. If two people do it at the same time it can lead to a Footsie Battle.
1. The waiter caught is at footsies... and he never looked us in the eye for the rest of the evening.

Guy1:N00b, that is my money...
Guy2: Hey Law of Footsies, Footsie keepers..
Guy1: W/e.
Guy2: Footsies prevails. w007.
by Cillian S February 10, 2008
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