3 definitions by Jessmiester

Descriptive word, usually depecting a person or thing. If referring to a person, theres Lots of confidence, and an aura of almost detachment. In general, Means very suave, very smooth, ultra-cool.
"That guy over there is so schmick"
"My car is totally schmick"
by Jessmiester July 13, 2004
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Playing with another persons' feet, with your feet, underneath a table. Other people are not meant to know you are doing it.
*Bang* "Kids! Stop playing footsies!"
by Jessmiester January 12, 2006
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"I swear to God. "

Is Aussie slang for "ha-allah" which means Swear To God in Islam, Arabic or something.
" Did she really say that?!"

"omg that was awesome!"
"Walla mate!"
by Jessmiester May 28, 2006
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