FtblAdxm is a nonce
i created a catfish account and exposed FtblAdxm for noncing me as an underage girl. Football twitter needs to expose him
by FtblAdxmisanonce May 28, 2019
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A popular sub-section of Twitter which involves accounts solely tweeting about football. Your starter level FT account reps a player with a cringey @ and replies “dub” to every big account to try get an ounce of attention because their parents don’t love them. Others try and mock real life tragedies and fake illnesses to get attention which usually ends in them getting their address exposed. FT when football is on is bad enough, as people constantly steal tweets and tweet “unpopular football opinions” that everyone agrees with to get likes. Arguments over football are won from the most amounts of “W” comments they have under them. These lot are obsessed with likes and retweets. When no football is on, FT is even more toxic and should be avoided at all costs, unless you want your timeline flooded with “nOnCE eXpoSEd” threads, LiveLeak videos and a naked man dancing to football anthems.
What are you looking at on Football Twitter”

“SaucySalah11 said I was a nonce
by DreamDraw34 April 20, 2019
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A sub-section of Twitter were accounts solely tweet about Football. It is full of fatuous, pseudo intellectual, pubescent virgins who claim to be football experts. Accounts spend there days playing FIFA ultimate team, watching Youtube compilations and arguing over who is the best player in the Premier League. Everyone here steals tweets, aims to be controversial, and call people frauds when they have a bad game. These kids are fixated with retweets and would kill there own mother for a few likes. Users have cringy @'s, never go to games, and are obsessed with spreading propaganda about there favourite players. Most on Football Twitter live in third world countries and watch games on 140p streams that lag. These kids are socially inept and have never felt a female.
Sergio Aguero is a fraud
Why do you say that?
Saw on Football Twitter, 'SanchezSkills' exposed him
by JimmyConway123 November 24, 2016
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A section of Twitter where people discuss football. Hates Americans and people who call football “soccer”. Strongly anti-trans people. Speaks roadman in conversations. Big accounts include: @TheSaltIsHere, @CFC_Mod, @OzilThings, @Vintage_Utd and @UTDTrey.
“Yeah Football Twitter was mad today uno, these manz was giving out Ozil slander so @OzilThings ratio’d dem but man like @UTDTrey came in and started givin out Ozil abuse.”
by PøgbaSeniorPassTheSalt March 05, 2021
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Football Twitter is a section of twitter that consists of people with names such as “PogbaSZN” or “SalahSkills”. It’s full of people calling each other Nonces , Virgins , Gay and more.
There are 4 sides to FT :
Side 1 - People with football Avis talking about football
Side 2-People showing there faces

Side 3- People with rapper profile pics to try and leave FT , even though they only interact with FT.
Side 4- The cringe kids who spam agendes , never watch games and be racist , sexist etc .
All in all , it’s an amazing part of twitter , we may have our flaws , but so does everyone else , in the end it’s a tightnit community of virgins , and I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️
Football Twitter- a large group of football accounts talking shit to each other with a few ones actually talking about football

“Dave , I’m gutted”
“LacazetteSZN , called me a virgin”
Sorry mate

*The year is 2089*
“Hey Billy , what was your best online experience?”
“FT , for sure , bunch of nice guys
Sound mate
by FT LAD March 18, 2019
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A bunch of sad virgins who spend their holidays behind a screen rather than going out. They tend to have cringy @s like "SaucySalah" or "BuzzingHazard", they love to abuse youtubers like Bateson and Spencer and satisfy themselves by calling others "nonce". Having your mates spam the reply section with the letter "W" when you have actually lost a debate is a common theme. Football Twitter experts never go to games and rarely watch them on TV but they base their opinions on stats from livescore applications. They don't actually celebrate their team's goals with their mates/family in real life and would rather tweet "KANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" when their team scores a vital goal. A big section of those accounts love to harass women by calling them slag and mock people for how they look whilst hiding behind a footballer's avi. In conclusion, they think being sexist, racist and controversial is edgy and cool.
What did you do in the weekend mate?
Football Twitter account: Lmaoo I rustled Rebekah Vardy alongside my football Twitter gang and called her a slag, Big W for me
by Ladfromsomewhere January 05, 2019
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a paedophilic group of twitter users who have no knowledge of football whatsoever. they hid behind player fan accounts and use nonsense vocabulary such as 'scrumptious dub idolo hth'. these nonces spam images of AFTV robbie memes with captions such as 'mashallah that was a massive dub habibi' and 'had to get nude to celebrate this dub bossman'.
football twitter is a scrumptious dub idolo hth.
by Scrumptious dub idolo bossman February 24, 2020
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