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Verb - to leave a large party or gathering unexpectedly and without word, presumably to avoid having your friends try to change your mind.
I was so wasted last night that I had to bateson. Sorry, fellas.
by PeeeJaay May 28, 2011
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Bateson is a fat egg and a pedphile who steals money t buy fifa points
Bateson is a egg
by lololo676 August 28, 2017
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1. A girl who believes that the Shetlands are the best place on Earth, even though, once, when she was drunk, she admitted that they were shit.
2. (to pull a bateson) to take home a 30 year old man, because you had this fucked up role-play thing going on at this party, where you pretended that you were an item
3. To bring someone (including oneself)to the point of orgasm using the rim of one's glasses, or some other sight-adjusting equipment, such as contact lens fluid
4. another name for a small bluetit
1. she says she wants to go back, but she's a bateson at heart
2. I can't believe she pulled a bateson last night; it's her own fault she's confused now
3. Looking around for an alternative to the dildo, she spied the glasses, and decided on the bateson, as it was quieter
4. i saw a bateson t'other day
by tsdbray October 09, 2007
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