The art of acting a Fool; being up to it; Mischievous
Dre and Los are up to the Foolery!
by Killacam97 December 7, 2006
<Rob> dude wearing faded jeans is foolery of the highest order
<Mo> yeah tell me about it
by geezer October 30, 2003
the act of being a fool
morgan is always commiting foolery.
by jamisonfool1 April 5, 2009
1. jovial rough-housing

2. a fight between two or more individuals who clearly do not know how to fight
"Stop this Kung Foolery before you break something!"
by David December 31, 2005
Wreaking Havoc/causing general chaos/shennanigans, taking the piss, etc...
Boy that old Elvis he does nothing but Tom Foolery anymore, I tell you what...
by Arngrim September 23, 2007
He was well-liked for his shenanigans and Jesse Foolery.
by Big Bager November 2, 2010