A day where u eat till u frickin explode
I'm going to eat so damn much on food day
by Bubiiii July 25, 2019
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The stupidest name for anything. Ever.
"Tomorrow is a friggin' food day. I hate that word."
by Chuck May 4, 2004
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World Food Day is a day established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The day works to bring awareness to global hunger. WFD is celebrated on 16 October and is themed by year. According to the WFD,food is a universal right and all people shoud have access to nutritional and culturally adequate foods.
World Food Day is today
by ENC 1101 October 16, 2007
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On this day you can eat as much as you want from Jan 1st to December 31st
Guy: hey guess what
Guy: tomorrow’s national eat food day
Guy2: wow no way

Guy: I know but it’s the same for the next 364 days
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National food day is when you go on Postmates or DoorDash and order your favorite foods
It’s national order food day and it’s January 14 I’m going to order food
by what’s this again😩🔪 January 14, 2021
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On April 13 people worldwide will be giving food to a Carter nearby. Find a Carter in ya school or community and give them as much food as they desire.
Happy National Give Carter Food Day!!!!
by ChefHomeBoyardee April 11, 2018
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National Get Your Girlfriend Food Day is December 15th. So go to her favorite restaurant or Fast food place and go get her food!
Hey Chris today is National Get Your Girlfriend Food Day so you better bring her food”

Chris: Oh yeah! Good thinking
by Speckles221 November 2, 2019
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