Well the next thing I knew I had a WFD.
by Jdizzle00 September 1, 2019
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Everyone in that performance was clicking. Quality audio, lights and video were all WFD!
by Bob Wolvington June 19, 2015
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You crashed the car? WFD!
by matt1523952 April 19, 2011
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Wouldn't Fucking Dare
Expression used when someone feels strongly about a situation that they would not personally put themselves in
Mollie: i hate her atm. I actually WFD!
Monica: I know yeahh same tbph
Mollie: Lol
by MonicaMonicaMonica May 28, 2008
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Woopdie F*cking Doo!!
Someone tells you something that really doesnt interest you, so you tell them WFD...
by D4N_C0D3 September 21, 2004
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A white, female dentist. WFD's are usually at their peak bitchiness while attending university. they are a very close knit group who have no issue stabbing each other in the back, then being best of friends 2 seconds later
person 1 - 'are you coming out tonight?'
person 2 - 'who's going?'
person 1 - 'just a few mates but i think the WFD's will be there....'
person 2 - 'pass'
by tommytank May 22, 2012
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What's for dinner
Q: WFD? A: Takeout.
by 'lil red December 16, 2016
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