A birthday that’s one of a kind. it’s beautiful and only sweet loving and caring and surely badass people have. May the force be with them.
She was born on 16 October? She must be a dadass!
by Obi-Wan Kenobi728 January 25, 2021
16 october is the day of the year when you expose all your naghty pics
Hello its 16 october show me a naghty pic of you or someone
it can be nudes, ass pic and all other stuff. I mean, its the 16 October naghty pic day.
by en skolelev.se October 15, 2020
October 16 is “National Make Up A National Holiday for Urban Dictionary for Attention and Fame Day”
“it’s October 16 today, I guess I’ll make some stuff up so I can finally have friends”
by your average neighbor October 15, 2019
The day the 8th graders got fucked up by some Vodka in a Hydroflask
Ah shit it’s October 16, you know what that means
by static_307 October 17, 2019