Fresh off the boat

- Someone who just came from their homeland, and immigrated to an englishspeaking new land, or someone who still thinks they're in their original homeland, and they speak the same language, dress the same, and eat the same food still. Or someone who can't speak proper english.
What, you want an example ?? theres was an example right THERE. my sentence did NOT make sense. i think. i dono .. anyway . theres lots of def's for FOB
by myrtle turtle ?? May 05, 2003
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A noun used originating from the popular band Fall Out Boy

It can also be a verb. "Fobing" means to listen to music by Fall Out Boy.
"Jimmy, Jimmy dear? What are you doing in the bathroom that's taking so long?"
"Maybe I should get your father in here to explain the ways of the Fob..."
by Icey Mamba March 31, 2006
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A device attached to the lanyard which one wears should he attend the center for talented youth. Unlocks the doors to ones dorm.

can also be used as a verb
Lets go *insert in asian name*, i need someone to fob me in
by shooter August 03, 2005
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An acronym for Fresh Off the Boat. This term is most commonly used to describe asian people who seem to have recently immigrated to the US. Many think that it is degrating and should be considered a racial slur, but most people who use it don't wish to use it offensively.
Jacob: Hey, have you seen Ping Bo around?"
Dave: Who's that?
Jacob: You know, that fob kid in our english class.
Dave: Oh yah. He's in the courtyard.
by Big D the Really Cool Guy November 05, 2005
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- Trendy Asian (clothes such as taiwanese, chinese, japanese, korean fashions)
- Knows english, but since all thier friends are asian, there is no use of using it.
- Are the farthest thing away from white people
- Aware of the diffrent rankings of asians (Hong Kong vs. Chinese)
- Hair is died. Highlights or whole head. Mostly, orange, brown or red from originally black or brownish hair.
- Converse, addidas, or Paul Frank is in every fobby wardrobe.
"Shes fobbed up!" "Fobby"
by Sushi Elizabeth Stewart July 24, 2006
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