Foamer (n.): a person who can't communicate with anyone, without going off about how Trump is (saving/destroying) our nation, who's oppressed (or privileged) or an issue that is so f*cking important nobody should do ANYTHING until it's remedied to the foamer's satisfaction.
Here comes Bob, he's such a foamer; everything he talks about anymore is political.
by AJ1427 January 27, 2017
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An adjective used to describe certain rail enthusiasts that think every old EMU / DMU / Diesel Locomotive / Electric Locomotive are better then any and ever new train that is built They also climax at the any sort of thrash or horn they get.
You can spot a foamer by what they were or what they carry
they usually have an iPad and a tripod or some shitty camera and are aged between 16 - 150 years old
Person 1: The Class 319 is a good train and the Class 700 is a crap train
Person 2: God you are such a foamer, the Class 319s are awful.
by Mr ScoutZz[OBJ] November 15, 2020
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One who is consumed by the Fear Of Missing Out.
Those foamers are making everything anxiety ridden and not fun.
by Feceis March 22, 2018
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The Ultimate Individual Who Likes Golden Nectar Of The Alcoholic Type

Also know as 'To Foam'
by GOAT Foamer September 12, 2018
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