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When you don't want to tell your homeboy, homeboys, homegirls, or homegirl that you are dating the cop, police officer, military offical who arrested, busted, two-steped with, or anyone of your family memebers or friends who had a previous relationship with them that you are now and they find out anyways
I don't want to be flying the pig on this one, do you know how upset _______ will be if (he/she) finds out? Maybe I should tell (her/him/or them) but what if they tease me!

It is none of their concern whether or not I am flying the pig, bacon is bacon, a uniform is a uniform, we have good sex without everyone knowing about it

It doesn't matter if you are on the same team or not, you were flying the pig

You act like you are flying the pig, what are you not telling me?

The girls in Jail told me we were dating when I wasn't sure that we really were so I apologized for Flying the Pig on them

Two Pigs that are dating are definately flying
by Andrea Pearson-Haas October 15, 2008
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