A phrase used by a person to generally state how much they do not care about a person, place, or item. See Flying Fuck
Oompa Loompas: Oompa Loompa Doopaty doo. Who gives a Fat Flying Fuck about you?
by "Thunder" Joseph K. May 18, 2005
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An infinitely more complicated and interesting way to tell someone to fuck off.
"He asked if he could bang my sister, and I told him to take a flying fuck at the moon!"
by Midnight Assassin November 27, 2015
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An insult used by an obviously higher individual. Can also used when excited or surprised.
Sergio, you are officially a flying fuck hammer
by crazymotherfucker7777 December 17, 2011
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you say this when you are really mad and pissed at the world....
guy 1: did you get the drinks

guy 2: flying fuck balls no i didnt
by trainer bitchhh December 25, 2009
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An extended version of flying fuck.
Used when "flying fuck" just doesn't cut it.
I don't give a flying fuck on a bun about mudkipz, nor your collection of over 9000 battletoads.
by Chandernagor !!uZp2oRpLs5K August 22, 2010
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What you are called by a druken man at a baseball game, whom you are refusing to serve because he is clearly to drunk.
What do you mean I am to drunk to be given another beer? Who are you to tell me that you Flying fuck stick!
by Pandabear88 August 19, 2010
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The closest one can come to not caring, but still giving enough of a damn to give a flying fuck.
Dude1: Hey let's go fishing!

Dude2: No, I'm not norwegian...

Dude1: Who gives a flying fuck?
by Paffz0r February 16, 2008
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