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Popular subject of prank calls to electronics stores, such as best buy, gamestop and wal-mart, started on 4chan.

Callers frequently substitute battletoads with other synonyms such as reptilewars and amphibious holocaust to see if the store worker gets the reference.
WM: Hello this is Quanisha at your local 24-hour Walmart no we do not have Battletoads how may I help you?
caller: BATTLETOADS!?!?!?
WM: *click*
by SwanyZOMG November 13, 2007
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The game that's flying off the shelves in Game Stops all around the country.
Caller: Do you have any copies of Battle Toads left?
Employee: No, now stop calling.
by C#!! November 21, 2007
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an extremely short, stubby chick who is in most cases quite ugly.

ideally 4'11, 140 pounds.

synonym: war pig

the difference between "battle toad" and "war pig" are that if you refer to a chick as a "battle toad" you are putting emphasis on how short she is she is. while, if you refer to a chick as a "war pig" you are emphasizing how fat she is (stubby is too politically correct).
Bruce Lee: Damn that girl was ugly u just got with, but at least her battle toad ass didnt have to duck down to suck you off!
Jose Contreras: Man, shut the fuck up or i will rip you into seventy-seven pieces!
by benny b from the bronx August 23, 2004
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They are said to be a small group of players and considered to be the elite fighting force in any MMO game. They troll the entire server because of the nature of Battletoad trolling.

It is said that no one can stop the Battletoads when they are united, or so the legend goes. They would unleash the 9000 mudkipz at there enemies.
P1: Battletoads are being stationed everywhere, we must crush them.
P2: What...? One does not simply Fuq with the Battletoads
by tschbk March 28, 2015
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A game soon to be released for the Wii.

Also known as "Fightingfrogs" and "Reptilewars".

The remakes are based off the 1991 game for the NES.

Supposedly Battletoads cost 9000 dollars at Gamestop,

however the rare Mudkip edition is said to cost 'OVER 9000'.

If money is no option and you wanna play the entire series..

there's also the Pedobear edition featuring a cute n' cuddly bear who loves children.

You can make Pedobear do barrel rolls, dance, and other fun stuff in the back of his van.
prank caller: I'm looking for a game.. do u have Battletoads?
gamestop: ahaha.. fuck you.
by lolicakes December 14, 2010
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often associated with war pigs, battle toads have an extreme scent to them that in most cases is quite alarming and are often rugby players who are to stubby for any other sport
that girl in our school who plays rugby, what a battle toad
by cino April 29, 2005
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