Popular subject of prank calls to electronics stores, such as best buy, gamestop and wal-mart, started on 4chan.

Callers frequently substitute battletoads with other synonyms such as reptilewars and amphibious holocaust to see if the store worker gets the reference.
WM: Hello this is Quanisha at your local 24-hour Walmart no we do not have Battletoads how may I help you?
caller: BATTLETOADS!?!?!?
WM: *click*
by SwanyZOMG November 13, 2007
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To beat someone using a leg torn off a robot. This is a reference to the classic BattleToads game for the NES.
I caught someone breaking into the robotics lab, so I grabbed the nearest limb and he quickly became a victim of BattleToading.
by DelColle June 04, 2009
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They are said to be a small group of players and considered to be the elite fighting force in any MMO game. They troll the entire server because of the nature of Battletoad trolling.

It is said that no one can stop the Battletoads when they are united, or so the legend goes. They would unleash the 9000 mudkipz at there enemies.
P1: Battletoads are being stationed everywhere, we must crush them.
P2: What...? One does not simply Fuq with the Battletoads
by tschbk March 25, 2015
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A game soon to be released for the Wii.

Also known as "Fightingfrogs" and "Reptilewars".

The remakes are based off the 1991 game for the NES.

Supposedly Battletoads cost 9000 dollars at Gamestop,

however the rare Mudkip edition is said to cost 'OVER 9000'.

If money is no option and you wanna play the entire series..

there's also the Pedobear edition featuring a cute n' cuddly bear who loves children.

You can make Pedobear do barrel rolls, dance, and other fun stuff in the back of his van.
prank caller: I'm looking for a game.. do u have Battletoads?
gamestop: ahaha.. fuck you.
by lolicakes December 14, 2010
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