The knack is a rare condition characterized by an extreme intuition of all things mechanical and electrical and utter social ineptitude.
Doctor: I'm afraid your son has "The knack"
Mother: Can he lead a normal life??
Doctor: No. He'll be an engineer.
Mother: Oh no...
Doctor: There there.
by OsakanOne December 11, 2008
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Someone that is such a dope fiend they ask to scrape your pipe and lick you empty dope baggies they pick their face when nothing is there and leave puss juices all over your mirror.
That bitch is a knack knack .
by jeckelnpipe April 25, 2015
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short for 'knackered', this word is used in England to describe something that is utterly pants or lame.
Mate: Yo, bruv look at my man's fit. It's so dead!
Me: Yeah, man. Shit is knacks
by makkathedapperyungtrapper June 16, 2020
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Shortened version of "knackered". When you are so knackered you don't even have the strength to say "knackered" and can only go as far as "knacked".
The wife made me work out this morning. I'm totally knacked.
by guckpup June 10, 2010
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it is the act of grinding the opposite sex .
for upmost pleasure and excitement.
Person 1: Guy what are you going to do to your girl in Destroy Dick December
Person 2: I'm going to be Knacking her
by da hype November 5, 2018
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Habbit or trouble for it.
Im quite capable of getting myself drunk, I display a natural knack for it.
by Janan June 22, 2005
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Term used to describe pain and uncomfort. Chiefly used in Britain, more commonly in the North East of England.
Adolf : "my back is knacking!!"
Joseph : "I hope you get better soon"
by naziscum November 22, 2009
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