A word used among older Mexican-American gang members to refer to beer, particularly individual cans and bottles. It rose from the cholo vernacular used in Southern Arizona in the 70s and is now only used by old gangsters. The term flusher refers to how quickly beer can be "flushed" down the gullet quickly for maximum efficiency in becoming inebriated.
OG: Hey leper, let's get some flushers homie!

Teenager: Some what?

OG: Flushers, esse! Let's go get some beer!

Teenager: Awww yeah!
by Usvart Jorge June 17, 2013
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A person who thinks there class, but really are making a fool of themselves and is an absolute idiot and gimp
Here Cliodhna And Grace Are A Pair Of Flushers Like #Kgc
by Cligrakay March 30, 2017
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This is nasty slang for abortion. In other words, a fetus that would be (or is) so unwelcome that the woman wants to flush it down the toilet. Origin comes from homemade abortions and how to dispose of the ejected fetus.
"Hey, remember that shithead I handed the condom to, the guy who pretended to be wearing it but then barebacked me?"
"Well, I missed my period; and sure enough, I've got a flusher."
by The Ripper January 13, 2005
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noun. The lavatory, the loo. Toilet or the water closet itself. (visual and imaginary slang)

Background: the expression "flush the toilet" abbreviated to the device for use.
After drinking too many cola, I needed to go to the flusher.
There's no toilet paper in the flusher.
She found the flusher too dirty to sit down on.
I tried to open the door but the flusher was engaged.
by Zoltan November 29, 2004
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A concoction that's supposed to remove drugs from the body to allow a user of illegal drugs to pass a drug test. Usually some kind of herbal pill of who knows what, that may or may not actually do anything. But hey, when you've been using and are hit with that unexpected drug test, you'll take anything to save your butt.
John was smokin' some hash over the weekend, but by taking a flusher he was able to pass a piss test for the tournament on Tuesday.
by hebbie June 15, 2009
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The label given to a fetus born alive but so prematurely that there will never be any chance of a purposeful meaningful productive life and will be a burden on its parents and taxpayers for eternity. Can be born to alcoholics, drug abusers or any unfortunate person. These fetuses should not be placed on life support but allowed to die a natural humane death.
I guess were going to work the code on this poor flusher. Its parents should just let it go.

The crackhead is pregnant again. I'm sure shell give birth to another flusher.
by misanthropist123 March 6, 2011
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When just one flush is not enough to get the job done!
Dude, it must have been that late night taco stand, I had a serious double-flusher this morning. I'm just sayin.......
by p mammen August 20, 2011
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