Being subject to or a victim of a series of nonsensical and/or confusing statements or instructions (subject to change mid-sentence) which leaves the receiver or victim in a state of total confusion or bewilderment. The receiver or victim is often paradoxically left feeling responsible for the lack of clarity or effectiveness resulting in extreme emotional and psychological distress.
Man, I was in that meeting for over an hour and have no idea what I am being asked to do...I got flurried!!!
by ConstantBewilderment August 20, 2018
Verb...The state of being drunk while enjoying the flurryness of a McFlurry
I cant believe I drank all that Jungle Juice, whose down to get flurried right now?
by Robert Young 2 December 11, 2010
A snowflake that is usually known to be a smaller kind of snowflake in other words a snow flurrie.
Did you see those snow flurries? They're everywhere!
by Flurriex November 21, 2019
Hey man, you know where I could get some flurries?

Hey bro, lets go rail some flurries!
by Lindsey Lohan May 13, 2013
Retarded Snow (mainly spotted in Houston, Texas)
Look outside, Flurries!
by Meghan Ashley December 1, 2006
A term used to describe a social media storm created by snowflakes over a trivial circumstance for which they are outraged.

These tend to be short, lasting 24-48 hours, and rarely settle in a way which would have any meaningful effect on the circumstances that triggered the snowflakes in the first place.
A flurry occurred today due to concerns over the use of slang terms in media reports.
by Locurio February 22, 2019