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A much-hyped weather-pattern that is intended to prompt panicked locals to stock up on costly emergency-supplies (canned/dried food, flashlights/batteries, auto/heating fuel, propane, generators, snowblowers, etc.), but then no "huge nor'easter" --- or even any particularly-noteworthy weather-disturbance of any kind --- ever actually materializes, causing the frazzled residents to feel foolish and disgusted for having spent all that hard-earned money for nothing.
I didn't bother laying in emergency supplies for the supposedly major hurricane and blizzard that was announced on MSN Weather, and sure enough, there was just a little rain and slightly-chilly breezes overnight, and now it's balmy and sunny outside. Sounds like just another media storm to me... just the news-services in cahoots with the survival-supplies manufacturers to trick people into needlessly buying more of their products.
by QuacksO March 02, 2018
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