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Noun. n. (Flerb) Any person, male or female, living or dead, that is either immensely disillusioned, or is so enamored with the concept of role play, that they will dress and make accessible to themselves all of the following; A) Clothing in excess of five pieces of garb, weighing more than a legal twenty five lbs., B) Stage make-up that completely hides their face and identity, C) Backgrounds and stories, preferably histories, about how their chosen alter-ego came into being, D) Weapons that have no practical application on any battlefield, anywhere, and E) Names that include any of the following: An animal, a color, a plant, a mineral, a creature of world mythology, names from cultures that never existed, names from cultures that existed a long time ago, or names from cultures yet to exist, example: Sir Archduke Grand General, Priest of the Lemonade Stand of Gruesome Demise, Mr. Artimestriastidonicles Storm-death-doom-wolf-shark-black-white-red-dragon-sword-thorn-silver-hallibut, the Fifth, Esquire.
Arthon is such a flurb, we caught him dressed in full chainmail, reciting lines from Conan The Barbarrian behind the toolshed last Sunday.
by Nicholas C. Hoff (Jin) May 14, 2004
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v. To frantically and single-mindedly work on some obscure, possibly artistic, project that is incomprehensible to normal people.

n. A strange, gnarly, non-commercial artwork that results from flurbbing.
Some subdimensional elves are discussing how odd things are up in the human world, and one of them incredulously exclaims, “Of flurbbing, they know not!” ---Paul DiFilippo and Rudy Rucker, "Elves of the Subdimensions."
by Pig Elder April 16, 2008
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Noun. Describes a person, alone and searching for their friends

Flurbs would be defined as a group of friends looking for each other.
Saturday night...where are the lads? I'm such a flurb!
by stantheman25 May 21, 2010
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a naive boy who appears about once in every physics set of problems
Flurb's heat engine operates between 329.0°C and 25.0°C, and has an efficiency of 62.0% of Carnot efficiency. If 574 J of heat go into the engine, how much work does it produce?
by 2004 December 20, 2003
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1. To change indefinitely; to alter
2. To malfunction
3. A noun, verb, and adjective that can be used as a substitution for most other words
1. I re-flurbed the calculations to find out the true answer
2. Run! The nuclear reactor just flurbed!
3. Teacher: Now here class, is where you would write the defintion of Theorem 33 in the 'Reasons' section.
Student: Awww, can't I just say the transversal flurbed with the two lines...
by Oliver S. November 13, 2006
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