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The emotion of feeling drained out and worthless, no strong emotions running through your head. Almost like your tired and carnt be botherd to do anything that involves deep concentration or any physical activity.
'are you coming out later pete ?'
'nah, sorry i feel flumped robert.'
by PG :) August 31, 2009
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flumped is when you are full but have room for dessert.
im so flumped, but i'll have me some cake as well.
by ima kill someone January 17, 2018
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A term created by Sparky teh wonderful, meaning the same as owned, pwned, snuffed and things like that.
* Pk Art-of-War was slaughtered by PK Sparkz *

Sparkz: Flumped
by Sparky November 28, 2004
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The iteration in which you have fumbily thrown a ball or small object to the point it goes nowhere near the target location.
I would have been able to save him, but my partner flumped the med kit.
by The Instightful Orange December 26, 2016
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