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When two people are undecided with a fist bump or high five and the fist hits the open hand to make a flump.
sam goes for a hi5
ken goes for a fist bump
they flump
by schweatybawls March 31, 2011

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masturbating on an airplane.
ken-will i get arrested for airbating?
sam- no, airbating isnt illegal, its just frowned upon
by schweatybawls March 27, 2011

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squeezing a boob without expectation of the woman.
"hey" - john
"hey" - samantha
*john squeezes sam's breast*
"i just got squizurped" - sam
by schweatybawls March 27, 2011

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when a terrorist jizz all over your chest right before a suicide mission. can also include a couple of the terrorist beard hair.
sam- holy shit. achmed gave me the stickiest sticky terrorist last night before he left.
bill- hopefully there wasn't alot of hair.
by schweatybawls March 28, 2011

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