the act of wiping your ass due to a feeling of anal moistness most likely caused by a poor wipe job from a dump taken earlier in the day
"dude, if you're feeling itchy, I would do a check wipe before we tee off in this 95 degree heat..."
by coolio January 11, 2005
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The act of wiping your ass to check for anal moistness after cutting a fart, because you might have shit yourself.
Dude, that was a ripper! You might need a check wipe.
by sbdivemaster October 23, 2008
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When youve been ripping ass all day at work and never needed to take a shit. most of the farts were pretty dry and trust worthy.

Then you come home to your girlfriend and shes ready for you to lay down the D. You have no idea if youre clean back there so you run into the bathroom right quick and do 1 or 2 "wipe checks"
Man, so i went on my 3rd date and i was rilping ass the whole time -it was probably the tacos- she finally asked me if i wanted to come over. I knew i was going to lay it down so i excused myself and went to the bathroom to do a few "wipe checks" so she wouldnt be smelling my booty fumes
by Maverick-BO January 13, 2017
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