Someone who is a combination of chubby and fat; quite a large body, and an obnoxiously chubby face; will almost always have a poor attitude and grating laugh, which will set the undoubtedly multiple chins into motion
"WTF, who took a dump all over my bed?"
"Ah, your flubby roommate."

The flubbies came to visit last week, and ate all my food.

Dude, stop eating that. You're being totally flubular.

by Lily1278 December 8, 2005
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Oxymoronic portmanteau word for a half-erect penis ("flaccid chubby"). Often occurs during periods of sexual arousal following excessive alcohol consumption.
She was totally down to hump, but my drunk ass could only muster up a flubby.
by d-nozzle November 9, 2009
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(Adjective) A salacious being. Someone or something that exerts a power of attraction. Enticing, sexy.
Damn, just look at that flubby body...
by Teh Mighty Flub December 14, 2004
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Verb. Receiving fellatio while having a bowel movement.

etymology: Black Water Cafe, 1991.
It doesn't take a fat man to get a flubby after dinner.
by Nco November 16, 2003
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When you get a blowjob that takes you to the brink of getting a chubby, but she stops and waits for you to get flacid before she starts sucking your cock all over again. The ultimate blowjob tease.
Ashley gave him a flubby last night. She thought she was punishing him, but he liked the tease.
by Fab5+sean December 23, 2017
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1)The soft, feathery underside of a goose or duck.

2) the descended fat waddle of a female dog that has been used too many times as a breeder.
Boy, your dog has some flubbis. Do you have any idea how many times she gave birth before she was rescued?
by captain_doormat November 20, 2010
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Combining flabby and chubby.
The new generation term for fat.
"I seriously have to go on a diet.I'm getting flubby."
by Ehhh Macarena March 7, 2014
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