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the real definition: long, curly hair that busts out of a lacrosse healmet. A key component of lax. It is in fact, 90% of the game.
After Travis cut his flow, he had two bad games in a row.
by travlax April 25, 2009
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Long, curly or wavey hair. Mostly a lacrosse term. Hair that would flow out the back of someone's helmet and curl up around the back of the helmet. Someone can have a flow or be flowin

by Carolena E. October 9, 2007
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An amazing way to smoke a small amount of marijuana.

1.)Obtain a 20oz. or similar sized bottle and melt a ratchet fitting into the cap of the bottle.
2.)Pack appropriate amount of marijuana into ratchet head.
3.)Burn small hole into bottom of bottle so water can flow out.
4.)Fill plastic bottle with liquid, preferably with water.
5.)Cover hole with thumb and then release after sparking the marijuana.

Watch as the flow out of the bottom of the bottle draws the marijuana smoke into the bottle. Once all water has emptied out, unscrew the top and clear the bottle of smoke. The water 'flows' out and you get high as fuck. Hence, the flow.
Yo, Matt, hit that flow before i do so we can get high as fuck.
by J.T.T. April 19, 2006
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Name of the Florence and the Machine fans, exept on Halloween's day, when they like to call themselves the "Flombies" which comes from the word "Zombie".
Oh, I saw on twitter and instagram - My fans call themselves the Flows ! It's amazing ! -Florence Welch
by ShitFloSings February 13, 2015
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When a flower(s) is arranged somewhere in a prettily manner
Oh wow Kirstyn that bouquet is flowely
by MochLee June 20, 2019
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The main stream, the current fads and all the other stuff everyone seems to be doing. Nothing is wrong with being in the flow, out being out of the flow.
by benormous April 17, 2006
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