Flow defines, something that is very cool or something that is very un-cool.
flow is a word that signifies how you are feeling, it could mean happy,joyfull,excited,tepremental,angry and much more. Flow mean is like a way of life, it can mean any emotion or feeling.
-That outfit is so flow


-your being pretty un-flow

- your the most flow person i have ever met.
by Kyle Cyrus March 21, 2009
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The hair of a lion. Amol's hair
Yo that boul Amol has some S!ck flow
by Shhhhmurdahh October 22, 2014
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The style, personality, and belief of an idivudual.
David - "did you listen to drakes new album"
Jae - "yeah his flow is sick, he never runs out of ideas to rap about"

David - "are you sure? cause to me he's always talking about females "

both laugh histericlly

Jae - "didn't think of that"
by PB & Jae June 15, 2010
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wheres the flow bro?
by ajsamson December 12, 2010
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Sexy hair that hockey players possess. There is a perfect length, but it varies with each individual. If the hair is too long it looks gross and lady like, and too short some may mistake the individual for a football player. The flow should partially "flow" out of one's helmet.
"Did you see Colten's sick flow?!"
"I did! I would do him in an instant!"

"If he didn't have the flow and played hockey would you?"
"Hell no! My weakness is hockey players with flow"
by Hockeyfan4life October 3, 2013
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n. A Guelph, Ont, term for money
Man I'm low on flow
I'm on the grind man, gotta make that flow
by Stuweey July 18, 2008
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A state of mind reached while dancing. Can be applied to any form of dance art, but is primarily used to describe freestylers "flowing" with the music. In this state of mind, it seems like the music is telling your body what to do, and you just go with it. While emotionally in this state all worries, fears, insecurities seem to melt away, reality fades as it becomes just you and the music. Physically, one feels as though they can keep on dancing, and their movements are natural and without thought. These two states combine as one to describe the state of flowing. Flowing can be reached sober or under the influence of a substance, and in this state NOBODY IS A BAD DANCER, regardless of skill level as the main point of flowing is feeling the music and enjoying one's self.
I was totally FLOWING to that last track!

Did you see that guy/girl flowing with the music?

Man, just flowing is so much fun.
by FL0W February 16, 2011
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