flow is something that can go continuesly. it can be in differents ways.

cash flow:the money coming into a business or something else profitable.
music flow. spit bars without pause or chorus. that can involve a freestyle

canibus flow is better than eminem because his flow last longer. or he can spit quicker than a calculation can make a division

people flow: hey come on lets go to that club. eva you been there before? no but just follow my flow.

dancefloor/flow: i had a good time last nite that gal could follow my flow easily.
by pedro-londres July 26, 2006
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A term started at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, the word "flow" describes the direction of the air flow in ones dorm room. The air flow direction can be used to determine whether or not it is straight to smoke some cronular nuggotrons in ones room. If in fact the air is coming in from the window and out through the door cracks, depending on how many times you have been written up, smoking would be frowned upon. If the flow is in through the door and out the window, one should not hesitate to burn it down. Although ill advised, one may shove a towel under the door to keep stanky cron from leaking into the hall when ones flow is not ideal.
Bill-Yo, you trying to blaze in here? Dave- Naw son. Lets go up to Mike's room, the flow is way better. Bill- Kimono Dog.
by doggy son son April 01, 2009
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Being able to hold a conversation for a long time, talking about tons of interesting stuff and never skipping a beat.
by Bahamut Dragons June 30, 2005
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game, skills,macking ability, the ability to pick up the ladies.
he got flow wit al these ladies
by tommy mac October 09, 2004
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a person with potiential to be girlfriend/boyfriend but, never makes it to that status. you still do things an actual couple do but isnt 'official'
"i bagged mad flows at that party last night"
by thuggish6 March 15, 2008
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