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the most perfect, cute, beautiful, and sexiest woman on the planet, with brains, and a amazing personality. her smile and laugh could light up a room
"i wish my girlfriend was a kirstyn"
"man, shes such a kirstyn"
by chuck ramsay June 06, 2009
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A very beautiful womdn that is strong and independant and if she falls in love with you you better be scared sincr she is also very kinky.
by Ig igig ifxigx July 13, 2018
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Kirstyn is a lovely and beautiful young asian women. She strives to be the Beyonce of the group but in reality is the Michelle. She never stops talking about her favorite actress and best friend, Anne H. In addition, her true form is unknown and hidden by the glasses forever on her face. Oh and she is a coffee and Coke lover

You can always get her attention with a MOIST Cake!
Person: β€œHey, Kirstyn! Take off your glasses, Anne Hathaway made it to your birthday!”

Kirstyn: β€œShut up”
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by Penny the wiser March 10, 2019
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