flounce (flaʊns)

v. flounce, flounced, flounc•ing,

- To leave an internet group or thread with exaggerated drama; deleting posts, notifying mods and or group users, and cross-posting on other groups to draw attention to the drama. Comes from the original use of gathering up skirts and petticoats and leaving in dramatic, impatient and exaggerated movements.
Annoyed that no one would agree with him, u/ipknightly proceeded to flounce from the thread; threatening all others with TOU reports and deleting everything that he had written on the thread.
by rockcityfire September 29, 2013
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When a member of an online community announces they are leaving, usually after a protracted disagreement with other members of the community.
"I'm gone. You all enjoy your little discussions."
by idest October 6, 2004
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Collective noun for a group of Drama teachers.
The flounce announced their arrival by striking a range of increasingly dramatic poses while singing show tunes.
by scottishdramaqueen September 8, 2017
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to move around and draw attention to one self. Prance, sashay, swagger or strut
Leslie was always flouncing around the office to see what everyone was doin and constantly stirring up shit!
by Mizzlee December 21, 2007
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to go free-ballin' at picnics, for everyone to see- especially when trying to give a good first impression of one's self.
chris phipps was flouncing out of his basketball shorts at the FMA intro picnic. talk about hotttt.
by fma September 23, 2006
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An exaggerated action. Usually to let someone know you are pissed off.
She told him to go enjoy his own company as she motioned with a flounce
by OzRoller January 25, 2011
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People who leave an internet chat room or group chat online and return a few seconds later, with no obvious cause for leaving
by Anonymousperson321 June 9, 2017
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