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flounce (flaʊns)

v. flounce, flounced, flounc•ing,

- To leave an internet group or thread with exaggerated drama; deleting posts, notifying mods and or group users, and cross-posting on other groups to draw attention to the drama. Comes from the original use of gathering up skirts and petticoats and leaving in dramatic, impatient and exaggerated movements.
Annoyed that no one would agree with him, u/ipknightly proceeded to flounce from the thread; threatening all others with TOU reports and deleting everything that he had written on the thread.
by rockcityfire September 29, 2013

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A poke ninja refers to talented and skilled person who pokes people on facebook using unusual and crafty methods. Poking in a ninja manner involves stealth, speed, mastery of various poking options.

Suspected to possess jedi-like powers, a poke ninja can poke using household objects, different programming styles, small rodents, and has an uncanny ability to dance in a 50s swing style to any kind of music, except country music.

Poke ninjas appreciate chaos, pickles and have been known to lick randomly people.
James is such an amazing poke ninja. Jessica was a pokecamper, and when he poked her, she didn't even realize it.
by rockcityfire February 07, 2011

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Pokecamper - (pohk kam-per)
1. A person without a life, who in a facebook poke war camps on facebook hovering over the poke button, waiting for someone to poke them, and immediately pokes them back. A pokecamper can be heard making grunting, snorting, or animal noises when a successful poke is completed. Similar to the noise made when making a twitching face when humping or in the action of mating.
2. A person who attends a religious summer camp or day camp.
3. A vehicle specifically intended to be used for sexual pursuits; also called a shaggin' wagon, fucktruck, sexvan, and/or humpmobile.
Jessica is such a friggin' pokecamper, she always pokes me right back after I poke her!
by rockcityfire December 24, 2010

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