A really fun word to say
by Danielle May 4, 2003
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What the FLOOP is wrong with this flopping cat
by Floopingcat February 19, 2017
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Floop (noun) - A large number of starfish travelling along a similar path.
The humble starfish (Asterias Forbesii) does not have a regular migratory route. It does however, floop. Where 'flooping' is the action of large numbers of starfish travelling along a similar path.
by melvin(00) February 3, 2010
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The action of moving something from one place to another; movement before flipping, but not actually flipping.
I picked out the donut I wanted and the man flooped it into the box.
I'm only going to floop my pancakes. I'm too scared to flip it.
by Adam Levine October 7, 2014
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A unique girl's nickname, originating from a character from Spy Kids. This girl clearly has guts and bravery cause' she admits and tells her nickname to lots of people.
"My names Floop! Gotta a problem you pansy?!"
by Floopthepoop May 12, 2009
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noun - a wet willy of the nose.
verb - a. the act of attempting to give a person a wet willy of the nose b. to successfully give someone a floop
Gross! I hate getting flooped!
Don't you dare try to floop me.
Cover your nose or you may end up with a floop.
by DaveC October 11, 2005
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