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Floof (derived from "fluff") is an adjective used to describe a ridiculously fluffy object or an animal (usually a long-haired cat or an equally hairy dog).

It can also be used as a verb to "floof" someone, but this only applies to the furry fandom in which one furry uses his/her fur (in the case of a long-haired furry, again a canine or feline) to overwhelm his/her friend with fluffy fur.

It can also be used as a cute non-malicious scolding or a cheering word.

Alternate spellings: Floofzorz, fl00f, fl00fz0rz.
ad. My cat Jimmy is floofy.

v. I wanna floof you/I floofed Vincent yesterday.

In context of calling someone, "Oh you floof. ^^" or "It's to the far left you floof!".
by Cid SilverWing January 13, 2008

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In the furry fandom (and most likely other places with sexual minorities), hyper means to be excessively endowed to the point of ridiculous and unrealistic proportions. This can also be combined or replaced with the muscle fetish to mean unrealistically gigantic muscular proportions.
Furry #1: "Hey did you see the artist who drew that hyper mouse?"
Furry #2 "The one with those really really huge boobs, right?"


Furry #1: "Man, I wish I was hyper muscled..."
Furry #2: "Why? You wouldn't even be able to move with all that beef on you."
Furry #1: "It's just for looks."
by Cid SilverWing May 05, 2008

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zloorp ("slurp") is an exaggerated cuddle word used in the furry fandom to indicate ridiculous licking, as a sign of affection, silliness or randomness.

Zl00rping is entirely possible in real life, it is not limited to being an Internet emote as real dogs that lick alot tend to "zl00rp" as well.

Alternate spellings: zl00rp, zl00rpz0rz
zloorp as an emote in conversation:

Furry A: "Hi. ^^"
Furry B: "*zl00rp*"
Furry A: "Meep *zl00rpz back*"
by Cid SilverWing August 25, 2008

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Any websites on the Internet where trolls converge one way or the other, such as 4chan.
Joe: "I ran into this website early today."
Jane: "Oh?"
Joe: "And it's a trollhaven. Wherever I went there were trolls everywhere."
by Cid SilverWing August 25, 2008

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