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When a movie does not look good enough to see in theatres, so you wait to get it on Netflix.
Guy 1: Hey don't bother seeing Iron Man 2, it sucked.
Guy 2: Alright, that shit's getting Flixed.
by Dutchtin September 29, 2010
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Whenever somebody is attracted to a sexy person for a short period of time until the person does or says something stupid, causing you to have a quick heartbreak.
Setting; High school

Person 1: Man, that girl is hot.

Person 2: Me 2.

1 minute later...

Person 2: OMG! She just talked to the Math Teacher! I quit...
Person 1: I am flixed.
by nerdyunicorn1 March 13, 2019
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The state of something that is neither broken nor fixed
Allen: Is it broken?
Bill: No
Allen: Is it fixed?
Bill: No
Allen: It's flixed.
by thedude757 July 16, 2018
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When you have a rental movie for a long time but you neither want to watch it, nor send it back.
I got Iron Monkey on Netflix. I unflixed myself by watching it.
by audaciousaud July 22, 2012
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To get rid of digital content that was previously offered. aka Netflixed.
The marketplace just flixed my favorite app!
The Zune marketplace just flixed the new Metallica song!
by thumperkj January 25, 2012
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