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A dildo used by the Amish, and made of either wood, knitted wool, or wood covered n knitted wool.
Christian asked santa for a firm this year, and woke up with one in his stalking, he then brought it to his gay lover Dereks house and used it on him. Christian then said, santa taught me a bunch of neat tricks i can do with this when I saw him in the mall, then derek said ,oh, is that why it's all brown? Then Christian answered with a smile, no thats because of my dog Phenix, The one I us with santa is hanging in my room, I believe that if I sniff it every day I will get good presents this year. With that they began getting it on hardcore, and ended up getting the flirm stuck right up Christian's bung hole, and to this day christian still walks with a limp, and is extremely gay.
by Rawbirt May 05, 2008
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An amish dildo. Made out of natural materials that would be made out of things that the amish can use. (i.e. no modern materials: plastic, gellatin, any electricity, or other things.) A flim can be carved wood, yarn, sheep bone with(out) wool on outside, foot, or any other thing like that.
Robert took it hardcore up the ass with a flirm made of splintery wood. He liked it.
by Cman and d-rok May 03, 2008
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The flirm is a flat and firm pillow.
That flirm gave me such a crick in the neck
by Rhes March 08, 2019
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