Large, thick, wide feet that look even bigger when a person is barefoot or wearing sandals. feet, foot, Flintstones, cartoon, bigfoot, sasquatch feet
Did you see that guy's Flintstone feet, he must have his shoes made.
by joecoolthefool May 19, 2016
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Having large, flat and basically impervious feet that can be used to walk on anything, stomp out fires or stop cars.
" why didn't you tell me there was rocks in the back yard? I walked on that without my shoes!"

" Rocks?"

" Oh, I forgot you have Flintstone Feet"
by Briesie July 20, 2014
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Flintstone feet is someone with feet that can walk on anything barefoot . Fred Flintstone didn't wear shoes and could walk,run on grass,dirt,concrete etc .
You see a girl walking down the road ,holding her shoes in her hand and feet are all dusty and dark. She has Flintstone feet
by ILove Chaneland Prada July 19, 2014
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A cartoon character based in the stone age that has square-looking feet that are excellent for peddling cars. Often hard to find shoes to fit such odd looking feet.
It's a good thing Chris has Fred Flintstone Feet to get him where he needs to go since he was a TARD and got his bike stolen.
by Tara May 17, 2005
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