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Having large, flat and basically impervious feet that can be used to walk on anything, stomp out fires or stop cars.
" why didn't you tell me there was rocks in the back yard? I walked on that without my shoes!"

" Rocks?"

" Oh, I forgot you have Flintstone Feet"
by Briesie July 20, 2014
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Flintstone feet is someone with feet that can walk on anything barefoot . Fred Flintstone didn't wear shoes and could walk,run on grass,dirt,concrete etc .
You see a girl walking down the road ,holding her shoes in her hand and feet are all dusty and dark. She has Flintstone feet
by ILove Chaneland Prada July 18, 2014
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Large, thick, wide feet that look even bigger when a person is barefoot or wearing sandals. feet, foot, Flintstones, cartoon, bigfoot, sasquatch feet
Did you see that guy's Flintstone feet, he must have his shoes made.
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by joecoolthefool May 19, 2016
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