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v. the act of pushing a non running car until you can jump in and drive the car under its own momentum
Man, i was flinstoning my car down the street and these bitches started laughing at me.

I was on some straight stone age shit flinstoning my car down the hill
by mattmfin October 12, 2006
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When you are taking a test at school but their are no smart kids sitting close enough to cheat off of so when your teacher isn't looking you stay in your desk, pick it up, and run across the classroom in order to reposition yourself next to someone smart. Just like Fred Flinstone drives his car.
Joe: FUCK my chemistry final is today and i forgot to study
Bob: just copy off the kid that sits next to you
Joe: Fuck that! that kids a dumbass!
Bob: Then just flinstone across the room next to a smart kid!

just dont let the teacher see you flinstoning across the room
by Tahoe Bob February 09, 2008
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When someone in a public restroom stall paws the toilet paper off the roll with such fervor and rapidity that it sounds like Fred Flinstone driving his car.
Man, my co-worker must have taken a nasty shit. He was in the stall flinstoning for like 10 minutes.
by billy_cox November 15, 2015
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When your car is slipping in the snow and you need to help push your car with your left foot
Damn they are stuck... bitchs got to be flinstoning it
by Ridetheloaf January 05, 2009
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