The automatic response usually anticipated to avoid an unexpected act they may cause you Insult or injury.
It is an reflexive action.
He flinched when I pretended to piinch him in the face
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And involuntary movement made when someone is about to hit you/you think someone is about to hit you.
Remi flinches whenever you move suddenly near him!
by Parasitic December 9, 2007
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Replaces the word "nub", "noob", "nubstick". Refers to a particular GT on the XBOX live network. May also refer to having freakishly large thumbs. Most often used in relation to the Battlefield 3 game on Xbox.
"You went 0-12? What a Flinch!"
"Sitting in a tank and whoring it is a real Flinch tactic"
by Red620Ti November 4, 2011
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1. When some one is about to hit you and you do that sudden movement = a flinch

2. Totally cool, Flinchen
1. Ha! Ha! That guy taotally made you flinch

2. Dude, your shirt is totally flinchen
by beachyblondy January 9, 2007
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When u hit some one on the back of the neck when they flinch
by Dmoneyz9 December 4, 2008
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to flinch the competition : verb - To con more people into buying waterbeds than anyone else
"I totally tricked this poor bastard into buying 4 waterbeds"
"DAmn... you flinch ed him hard rawr ecks dee"
by suspiciousseabass December 23, 2016
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When a male's penis twitches because he is scared or excited.
I was flinching so much during that movie
by Thoarf the dwarf November 24, 2015
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