To be cuckolded; to have a significant other that sleeps around and at the same time eats you out of house and home.
Jen certainly flegged poor Bob - I heard she banged some random dudes in his bed while eating a turkey drumstick.
by Leon Trujillo May 17, 2009
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Sad people who take the piss out of disabled people.
We're not all born disabled, some of us suffer from illnesses or accidents.
"Your such a sad 'fleg'with nothing better to do with you life than mock those less fortunate than you"
"Fleggies" are people who dont know how to be nice.
"Fleggums" Group of ignorant idiots.
"Flegettes" group of saddos with a low IQ.
"Fleg-worrier" A fleggie wondering if they are gonna end up disabled like the people that they mock
by Charlotte Bleakly May 14, 2008
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Some where on your person in which you insert eggs, and various other items.
"I got a rather large egg stuck up my fleg the other day, it was quite uncomfortable"

Have you seen my eggs? - "Maybe you left them in your fleg?"
by Jam coated ecowarrior January 23, 2013
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an extra syrupy blue waffle with a penis lodged (yes lodged) inside. The horrifying and repulsiveness of this monstrousity is enough to make any waffle immediately shrivel up and die away. The Blue waffle has so much syrup that you can literally use it for your pancakes.
Sarah is such a fleg! She told me i look like a hooker.
--OR-- Dont worry about her, she has a fleg.
by beast.ninja. September 01, 2010
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