an extra syrupy blue waffle with a penis lodged (yes lodged) inside. The horrifying and repulsiveness of this monstrousity is enough to make any waffle immediately shrivel up and die away. The Blue waffle has so much syrup that you can literally use it for your pancakes.
Sarah is such a fleg! She told me i look like a hooker.
--OR-- Dont worry about her, she has a fleg.
by September 2, 2010
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Some where on your person in which you insert eggs, and various other items.
"I got a rather large egg stuck up my fleg the other day, it was quite uncomfortable"

Have you seen my eggs? - "Maybe you left them in your fleg?"
by Jam coated ecowarrior January 23, 2013
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When a woman takes her husband's or boyfriend's Fleshlight and then uses it in reverse to do little pegging action on his submissive ass. Not recommended for dry cracked action. Generous lube is required.
After watching her sissy boy husband wank with his fleshlight, Carla made him get on all fours and started Flegging his hungry bottom.
by Eaton Holgoode November 11, 2015
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Flegged \ fle-gged \ adverb

1. Having one's future prospects destroyed by the abysmal performance of one's superiors or leaders
2. To be raped of a victory so rightfully yours by the incompetence / negligence of one's own team-mate or leader

A derivative of the new Parliamentary Leader of the Queensland Liberal Party - Dr Bruce Flegg MP - Member for Moggill. So named for his single-handed destruction of the Queensland Coallition campaign in the Queensland 2006 state election through his complete incompentence, inability to stay on message or stick to the script and repeated gaffes.
"To be flegged"
"I've been flegged!"
by Destroyed September 11, 2006
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To receive a fright from something, scottish slang.
"Dinnae jump out at us, ya gave us a fleg"
by Anubited May 20, 2005
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to spit (on); saliva. Used in Yorkshire, England.
You've been flegged on.
by britling April 25, 2008
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